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By. Melly Goeslaw

kubuka album biru
penuh debu dan kusam
kupandangi semua gambar diri
kecil bersih belum ternoda

pikirkupun melayang
dahulu penuh kasih
teringat semua cerita orang
tentang riwayatku

kata mereka diriku selalu dimanja
kata mereka diriku selalu ditimang

nada nada yang indah
selalu terurai dariku
tangis anak dari bibirku
takkan jadi deritamu

tangan halus dan suci
telah menangkap tubuh ini
jiwa raga dan seluruh hidup
rela diberikan

kata mereka diriku selalu dimanja
kata mereka diriku selalu ditimang

oh bunda ada dan tiada dirimu
kan selalu ada didalam hatiku

Melody from Melly G, melody nan syahdu so nice , I felt my tears come to my face.. Mama..I miss you..Oh Mama your love to us never end till last minuts… You always cover me with your lovely feeling, with all attention and fully patiently, You always supporting me even i  always broked  the rulles and make you headache…I always noughty and make you angry,make your feeling so bad with my words, my attitude,my habit,my behavior,I always hurt you,but you always forgive me..and you still give me a lots of love. How much your love to me will never can be calculate with anything in the world.Will never can be changes with anything.. YOUR LOVE   so important for me.You always there when i need you.. and with your love you will make me so calm and relax.I see our photos album when we always together, you always smile and hugs me…When you bring me to paris and others country.. oh so lucky me have you as my mom.  Mama  where are you now.. i want you beside me right now and say i love you…. but you are there and you still supporting me to taking care of my son. Oh Mama how much i bother you….

Long time ago.. i feel that the ways you teach me is too strong on me, i feel is not fair and i get jelousy.. but now.. i understand.. you want me strong and be  indipendant girls and can fight in the hard lifes.You want me always stand on my feet without depending with someone or anything else.And until now..i still not give you any happiness yet. Just problem and something bad else.Oh My God, how bad am i as daughter.. and GOD,You give me really nice mother who fully of love .

Mama, Today is your Birthday.. your special day and i’m so shy, I can’t give you much things. I just can praying for your health, your success life, your love and luck into your life MAY ALLAH SWT ALWAYS BLESSING YOU. You are great mother for me and us ( your kids ) and you are also great grandmother for our kids. Really.. you are Miracle from  ALLAH SWT given to us..without you.. i will never be here and be right now..

Mama.. please forgive me all mistake what i done..i still can not make you happy yet and  still can not give you wish on me.  I hope i will never hurt you again.. and i  still need your support always to make me more strong than now..don’t leave me alone without your love.


Specially for My Lovely MAMA….by Rini


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