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Big Sale Big Discount

Sale… sale….sale… oh my God.. that words always tempting me to see what is going on..? is good sale good price or just bullshit?????????

walah..walah.. I come in one of big shopping centre in Dubai,I saw many shop over big discount and big sale.. What is different big sale and discount?  i think is more less is same.There is showing many pamflet mention 50% off,up to 80% , last day get 75 % off. ya ampun so many low price and there is also some how good quality.Im not wondering that will many people look at this and will come to see and finally they will buy something.It’s always successful to finished stock on order and just make big sale, low price than people with come, see and buy. Really good strategi on sale of product.

But why people just come when is that shop have big sale / discount ? why is normal price is very limit visitor? Is because economic factor? just follow your friends to be same habit? ( alias ikut2an beli ) But some people doesnt want to come to shop which have low price. When i ask why, that person tell me..” for what i’ve to come.. i’ve money to buy even is not discount and some how they give discount because the quality is not really good. is just stock over ” walah.. walah ini orang sombong amat sih? amat aja gak sombong. Kenapa ada ya orang seperti ini di dunia…

Here also same, in Dubai at moment have Dubai Shopping Festival. All shoping centre have big sale, big discount. And really not just local people come and visit. There some people out side country the choose to stay few days only for making shopping here. walah.. walah.. Same Indonesian if there is in Singapore.. they will running and hunting there for shopping. Doesn’t matters for flight and viskal as long as can satisfied on shopping time and get it what ever you want for show your high style…wow… not wonder….When i can make shopping like this also..? MIMPI KALEE YE….?????????????? BOBOL BANK DULU AJA YEEE…….



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