anganku… just angan…

 Terlalu Indah tuk dilupakan,

Terlalu sedih tuk dikenangkan

Setelah aku jauh berjalan… engkau ku tingglkan

Betapa hatiku bersedih….

Mengenang kasih dan sayangmu

Setulus pesanmu kepadaku… engkau kan menunggu..

Andaikan kau datang kembali…. jawaban apa yang ku beri.

Adahkah jalan yang kau temui….untuk kita kembali lagi…


Nice melody and song from Ruth Sahanaya was in my Mp3.. i feel that my tears come to my face…oh that song really shoot my feeling at moment. I dont know what i should be..shall i crying or shall i screaming??? what i have to do now…????? tell me… tell me..

I lose my control, i lose my self on moment… i still remember you guy..and i still hope you guy. I know is impossible and i’m can not expecting anything from you.. i just ask little time but you never had time for me…..

Now my Mp3 play MY WAY from Frank Sinatra… Waduh… all is oldies song and make me more sad and want me cry…. My Way… yes.. this my way… i must go to my way and you go to your way.. Our ways is much different and cant be together. Just Miracle of God can be make it happen.Now where are you not even i know it. I just wonder why i must meet you and my feeling grow up to love you.. but why God wonts us be together..?? why always like this….???

Life is goes on… there is many thing still waiting for me and future. I cant just stop my feet and look at back all the time.. i must wake up and put strong feeling for next step what is will be happen.And not fall down again.. Failed is really good teacher for us to lear and learn and learn about life.. about love and about commitment. 

Dont stop your feet step and dont going back from your pass. Now and future is waiting for you. Be strong always….I wish on it.

for you  Farhan ” Koky” Khan


Enough 4me…

Cukup sudah aku mendengar katamu. cukup sudah aku mendengar ceritamu, cukup sudah aku berkata kepadamu, cukup sudah aku menelan derita ini.cukup sudah aku mengikuti langkahmu..cukup..cukup… cukup…

Aku ingin dalam diriku sendiri. aku ingin berjalan dalam langkahku, aku ingin berkata, aku ingin menjerit, aku ingin menangis, aku ingin semua yang ingin kulakukan…aku ingin…..

Dalam gelapku aku bersandar, dalam heningku aku merenung, dalam tangisku aku menjerit, dalam sakitku aku memohon.cukup….. cukup….. cukup…..

kenapa dia selalu menyakitiku.. kenapa dia selalu pergi dan datang seperti itu..?adakah waktu untuk aku bersandar kepadamu..? adakah secuil kata indah yang bisa kau ucap kepadaku..??? adakah waktumu untuk berbagi cerita dan dukaku???  tidak.. tidak.. you never have time for me..you always say no to me.. what ever i ask,what ever i want, did you care about it…? no..no.. NEVER YOU CARE AT ALL.  You never think about it and never want to know about what i feeling…..

Oh.. kapan deritaku berakhir…? kapan aku bisa berlabuh untuk selamanya dengan kenyamanan hati dan diriku? adakah tempat untuk diriku??? dan kenapa hatiku selalu tak kuasa menolak apa permintaanmu…. tak kah kau merasa perjuanganku dan perhatianku…? On my praying i always ask ALLAH SWT to bless you and safe you. I want you always be happy even my heart is broken….i can wish you belongs me,but is dreaming only..i wish always together with you is also dreaming only..you just want me if you want me.. but when is my turn to need you you never be here.Anyway im still here and will be there for you…..i wish i can do my best for you.

**  for you Farhan ” KOKY ”  Khan


Sarung is name of traditional dress for mans. Not only in Indonesia but some people like Indian the also use sarung. They call also sarung.. for villages people in India. In Bangladesh they call LUNGGIE ( maybe im wrong on spelling ).In Malaysia also sarung as baju adat ( traditional dress) in Srilankan also have and the als call sarung.

Sarung is really comfortable to wear,for sleep, for praying and so relax. But now sarung not just mans wear, some female also use it. They making new style and modification and they wear on party and now many kind of sarung is coming up. Many lady now feel better wearing sarung on the party for partner traditional dress. not just jarik or gaun. I also use sarung sometimes when im sleep and warm and also when im praying to combine with our mukena ( praying dress ).

Every years my mom always giving sarung and some moslem dress for lebaran gift. and now insyaallah i continue and follow what my mom doing. My mom always tell me that sarung is our traditional man wear for praying and lebaran is the right time to giving gift to them.  

I dont know exactly from where is sarung coming from.. but i will say thank to the person who created sarung. It is really comfortable and nice on looking and wearing. The person should be get nobel for this.

sarung… sarung… sarung… sarung… sarung…. you are so beautiful and cute and realxing people who wearing you…. 


What do you know about Valentine??? Do you know about this story..where is come from and why is on February? What we known is Valentine is about love, kiss your lovely, heart, chocolate, teddy bear and roses on the red or pink wrapping.Okay i will let you know about this story…yuk ya yuk.. dongeng sebelum tidur sayang….

Suatu kala..(aduh bener kaya’ nenek mendongeng deh ) si nenek lampir datang membawa apel … lho kok itu khan dongen putri salju ???!!!! wah lagi error, maklum valentine sendirian …!! kasian amat deh !!! ok lanjutttttt……
One legend contents that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. He name is Valentine. He was in the prison at the time ( tau deh kenapa ) and sending the letter “Valentine Greeting Card ” to him self. He was fall in love to young girl which always visit him in prison. And before his death it is alleged that he wrote her a letter which signed” from your valentine” Because of that Valentine became a legend and one of most popular in England and France.   

Other story is about cupid with love arrow, the son of Venus. This story most famous in our mind.. Is about the small kid who always bring arrow and bite to some one who sad and because that poison in the top arrow, the person became fall in love each others. So nice and Romantic yach.. ( mau dong aku di panah ama cupid )

So guys..are you ready for your valentine? what you will give to your partner..? flower/ chocolate/ card / ring with big diamond maybe or view number in bank account ?? Kalau yang itu aku mau dong daftar…he..he..he.. dasar materialistic..cewek gitu loh !! cowok juga ada he..he..( 50-50). lucky you if you have partner who will give you a gift.. for my share.. i never be celebrations valentine..just long time ago i got 14 pc roses from my boyfr. so nice and romantic.. but after that we break up… so sad deh. kasian deh elu..And please jangan cuma pacar aja but lovely can be your fam, your kids,your brother/sister or can be also your friendship.Lovely not mean only your boy or girlfriend. MOHON DI INGAT TUH !!!

Oh Valentine coming.. and i’m here alone as usually.nothing happen, time just passing without any celebrations,without any warm hugs and romantic moment. Will i get a gift from my lovely..?i want something but i cant say it and i cant ask for it.. i want is something from him self.. do you think he will give me something..? please deh.. or gift from all blogger yach… yach..yach..yach.. aku tunggu loh !!! tapi jangan pink yach.. huh not my fav colour loh. he..he..he..

happy valentine to you all, be my lovely friends always okay… I LOVE  YOU…  ( ceile )

ps : first story and pics taken by google.com   

Big Sale Big Discount

Sale… sale….sale… oh my God.. that words always tempting me to see what is going on..? is good sale good price or just bullshit?????????

walah..walah.. I come in one of big shopping centre in Dubai,I saw many shop over big discount and big sale.. What is different big sale and discount?  i think is more less is same.There is showing many pamflet mention 50% off,up to 80% , last day get 75 % off. ya ampun so many low price and there is also some how good quality.Im not wondering that will many people look at this and will come to see and finally they will buy something.It’s always successful to finished stock on order and just make big sale, low price than people with come, see and buy. Really good strategi on sale of product.

But why people just come when is that shop have big sale / discount ? why is normal price is very limit visitor? Is because economic factor? just follow your friends to be same habit? ( alias ikut2an beli ) But some people doesnt want to come to shop which have low price. When i ask why, that person tell me..” for what i’ve to come.. i’ve money to buy even is not discount and some how they give discount because the quality is not really good. is just stock over ” walah.. walah ini orang sombong amat sih? amat aja gak sombong. Kenapa ada ya orang seperti ini di dunia…

Here also same, in Dubai at moment have Dubai Shopping Festival. All shoping centre have big sale, big discount. And really not just local people come and visit. There some people out side country the choose to stay few days only for making shopping here. walah.. walah.. Same Indonesian if there is in Singapore.. they will running and hunting there for shopping. Doesn’t matters for flight and viskal as long as can satisfied on shopping time and get it what ever you want for show your high style…wow… not wonder….When i can make shopping like this also..? MIMPI KALEE YE….?????????????? BOBOL BANK DULU AJA YEEE…….


Indian saree

Do you know what is Indian saree? it is the traditional dress of Indian people.Same as Indonesian, we have Jarik and Kebaya for Java traditional dress. We also have many kind of traditional dress from any kind part of Indonesian. Same like in India, They have saree for the name of traditional dress but they have many kind of saree and they are different from any part place of Indian. The style looks same each others but they different.The different is they way they wearing. When i try to wear.. Oh my Godness is too much complicated, maybe not for them as they habit to wear almost everday. But for me is so strange.. i can’t walking properly.You know what.. when you wear saree, is nothing inside there, you must use short pants, not just your underwear.Because there is nothing holding your saree really nothing. no belt or bottom, just pin ( peniti boso jowone ).just all and They do cover like that only.. this why i could not walking properly, i felt that my saree in fall in down and they can see my short pants ( walah malu donk ).Maybe they will feel same if they try to wearing our jarik and kebaya.Sama-sama lah.. sama ribetnya and ruwet kalau jalan.kasian deh lu..

Out of the saree, you must wear many kind accessory, like many kind gold on your hand, ring and big gold neckless. Really i feel wondering.. they do not feel heavy wearing too much accessory like that and wearing saree which is complicated for walking? I saw they just enjoy it. See all Indian movie.. they always singing and dancing with a lot of attraction, jumping here, jumping there and they enjoy with saree.. really unbelievable…but is true.

When i wearing my saree, everybody was laughing.. i feel like clown..maybe i was wrong costume and something wrong??? maybe because i cover myt hair as i wearing jilbab as moslem? than looks so strange maybe. How about if i wearing saree in Indonesia..? When i wear my kebaya and jarik here on our Indonesia indenpendent day, they so wow with our dress..and im proud to wearing that. They said that pur traditional dress is very good style and nice…
So please dont be shy to wearing our traditional dress and be proud with MADE IN INDONESIA yach…

Other side of Dubai

 Good morning all friends blogger, today as i promise you, i will continue about Dubai on other side. Same as Indonesian ,we have some part with a good things also some part with BAD things ( looks like more the bad side than the good one) hi..hi..hi…

Look  at Jakarta in Kuningan area.. we saw big building, official, rich area but behind there living many poor people with very pitty conditions, Check Benhil area, behind Nice building, there is some are living close each others and so thight, dont forget to see under fly over to aiport. ugly, nasty and dirty ( sorry about my language).I’m really sorry for that.

Why is like that…? because we have no space anymore for living.. many urbanisasi transfer and stay in Jakarta. They was thinking that Jakarta is paradise to get job and better living.( including me before, hi..hi..hi).They don’t care how is hardfull live in there as long they living in metropolitan city.For village people living in Big city / metropolitan is big deal and rich and WOW… urip nang Jakarta lho…keren bo !

Same also here in Dubai, there is also have part of good things and some part is not good looking.Check that photos..between si miskin dan si kaya.. Because is so many people try to move here and get job here.( like me right now). The second photo is showing you, That here.. not all is good looking. See that one.. almost every accomodations they must put hanger to dry the clothes out side. Very very very ungood looking.They are living as same as our people in part of Jakarta.And sorry my language.. They more dirty than us.. and not care so much about ugly things what we can see aqll the times. The better one is in Jakarta / others city of Indonesia they are living in small house not in apartment and not show all your clothes hanger outside and little bit hiding from public area.

Emang sih Dubai bisa menjanjikan sebuat lapangan pekerjaan yang lebih baik dalam arti keuangan .Kalau di currency kan dengan mata uang kita ( Indonesia Rupiah / IDR ). Dengan 1DHS = 2500 Rp.Lho kok became Bahasa sich..? I mixed yach little bit between bahasa and English.. biar bingung but happy gito loh. Tapi dengan kondisi kehidupan disini juga nggak murah. Apa2 mahal sih. Lucky you if your company who sponsoring you give you accomodations for living and transportation from your place to work. Benar2 beruntung deh kalau dapat yang seperti itu.. so kamu bisa hemat and bisa kirim uang untuk keluarga yang di Indonesia.Me also stay in Hotel accomodation and they give me transportation from room to hotel. That one is very nice ..Thank to ALLAH SWT, than i can saving and send some money to my family.

So Guys… what do you think about other part of Dubai..?Will you stay like this also..? Emang sih denganBurj Al Arab looks like Dubai so wonderful City. It’s but don’t ever forget every one, every place what ever it is… we all have plus and minus. Just how we can minimaze our minus to became more plus.” NO ONE PERFECT ”  right ???